Replace your failed K46 transaxle and get the mower you always wanted

Check with us to see if your model is covered. Some models use a Hydro Gear transaxle and we are NOT able to do an Upgrade.

When contacting us, please include your Model Number. (It will be similar to: 917.123456)

HOW TO BUY: Simply phone in an order. (877) 333-8811) We accept all credit or debit cards, PayPal or checks.

The current price for the K66/Craftsman kit is $2250, with free shipping within the Lower 48 U.S. States. (State sales tax applicable only to WA residents.)


The kit is shipped in two parts:

The new K66 transaxle is shipped from the Tuff Torq factory in Tennessee, via UPS Ground. It weighs about 58 lbs. (25 kg.)

       The balance of the kit (Parts Package) is shipped from our location in Washington State, via FedEx Ground. It weighs about 40 lbs. (17 kg.)

 Typical delivery time is 4-6 days from shipping date.

Want more information?  Please phone: (877) 333-8811
CLICK HERE to send an email for more information

We are always glad to talk to you and answer any questions or concerns.

Business hours: Mon-Sat 8am-8pm PST (PACIFIC TIME, same as Seattle (Local time: GMT-8)

                        Sunday 1pm-3pm PST



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