Hang One In The Garage


At one time, or the other, every drive belt will break, either due to wear or damage.
It "always happens" at the worse possible time ... I know!

We recommend you hang an extra belt in the garage for just such occasions.
Since the drive belt for your K66 is different, in most cases, from the original belt, having an extra belt on-hand will make that unfortunate belt break much easier to survive.

Please consider purchasing a new belt, at this time ... and be prepared.
All belts are of top quality.
All belts are priced at $31.95, including tax and shipping.
(Probably about the same as you would pay at a dealer, however you will be getting the correct and best belt available!)

(Belts to be shipped outside the "Lower 48 US States" will require extra shipping charge. For these customers, please do not order on-line, but rather send us an email with your desired shipping address and quantity desired. We will send you an appropriate PayPal invoice for your purchase, including shipping.)



Obviously, we do not know how many belts of each type will be ordered. Therefore, as we collect orders, with payments, we will order the appropriate number of belts. Orders will be filled in the order received and as our supplier fills our orders. You can expect to receive your new belt within one to three weeks.
We will acknowledge and confirm each order, as received.

To Order: Select your tractor model, then click on the PayPal "BUY NOW" logo.
(Note: Only for K66 Upgrade drive belts)

John Deere L-series (L110, L120, L130, etc)
Quantity desired
John Deere LA-series (LA110, LA130, LA-150, etc.)
Quantity desired
John Deere X300, X320, X340
Quantity desired
John Deere LT-series (LT150, LT160, LT180, etc)
Quantity desired
John Deere D-series (D125, D130, D150, etc)
Quantity desired
John Deere 115, 125, 135, 145, 155, 190,
Quantity desired
Super 500
Quantity desired
Husqvarna K66 Upgrades - ALL models
Quantity desired
Craftsman K66 Upgrades - ALL
Quantity desired
Scott K66 Upgrades - ALL
Quantity desired
Simplicity K66 Upgrade - All
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